Mainly Health Plans SL. Insurance agency AJ0052 English insurance agent based in Spain. Agencia vinculada de seguros.

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Spain. Expatriate insurance for 'residencia'
Spain: Medical cover for 'residencia' - students

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Mainly Health Plans SL
Apartado 145
Yunquera de Henares
Products and Services
... Bupa insurance (UK, international health and travel cover),

... Sanitas S.A. de Seguros (Spain eg Schengen-compliant health and repatriation cover for Spanish 'residencia', expats coming to work or retire, companies based in Spain with employees overseas)

... Liberty Seguros (car, house, life + other products)

Data protection: I only have online access to records of my own insurance clients
Areas of Service
clients worldwide
Opening Hours
Emails only please. I prefer to do everything in writing!
Payment Methods
Payment is taken by the insurance company (and any refunds / claims are also paid by the insurance company to the client).
Mainly Health Plans SL "Sociedad de Agencia de Seguros Vinculada" inscrita en el Registro Administrativo Especial de Mediadores de Seguros, Corredores de Reaseguros y de sus Altos Cargos con el número AJ0052, teniendo concertado un Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil cumpliendo con los requisitos de capacidad financiera con arreglo al art 21 de la Ley 26/2006, de Mediación de Seguros y Reaseguros
As an expat I have lived and worked in 4 countries.
More Information
English insurance agent in Spain
... Health and dental insurance plans.
... Travel insurance and Schengen zone cover
... seguros de salud y de viaje
... gay and hetero clients
... house, car, life, other insurance products
... insurance agent since 1992. Own agency since 2007
... all payments are between the client and the insurance company
... Brexit; registered with UK insurance authority + each European insurance authority.

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